Market-Echo creates and establishes brands and marketing strategies around the EU, by offering a plethora of quality and added value services especially focused on Food Companies. With market vision, strategic planning and measurable technics we carefully craft new products and services that effectively help Food Companies to strengthen and safeguard their position in the competition.

Market-Echo was established to operate with companies as an ethical business partner. We design and implement integrated marketing plans using our insight, resources and connections by carefully explore and research the global market. By working closely with your business departments, we are able to introduce creative products and services that can successfully impress and satisfy the consumer.

Our promise to companies is fully measurable and highly resulted oriented. To be effective and applicable we follow strategic methods to understand every new trend in the market both for B2B and B2C companies. In addition, we investigate and analyse every stage in the commercial process and we are ready to offer assistance and consultancy services in every phase of the marketing circle.

We understand and recognise every need that a Food Company faces, as well as how complex is to affect the perception of the consumer. Thus, we are helping companies at all points of the new product development process. From the design and implementation of the total product concept to the promotion of the product in the market. Our vital role is to make your brand successful whether you are at the beginning or at the very end of that process, by focusing exclusively on your business goals.

The best way to find out more about us is to meet us in person. We are eager to work with any Food Company and we have plenty of energy and inspiration, as well as all the credentials to drive your Company in an ultimate success story.


The core of our strategy is based on the development of strong and sustainable Food and Beverage Brands. As Marketers, we are always under pressure to improve all the pieces that consist a profitable company. Therefore, to achieve superior performance and high-value added services we have developed a unique methodology which we call ECHO.

ECHO is a powerful strategic Framework which clarifies how our actions and activities are interconnected and interacted, in order for your business to achieve superior performance in the market.

From small production companies to large corporations, we always serve the same mission; to treat each case with persistence, diligence, creativity and efficacy. ECHO is not just a managerial tool to help us stay limited in scope, specific, measurable and actionable. ECHO is the thread that will never let you feel lost in the maze of your future actions

There is no need to emphasise the importance of cereal cultivation for Greece. Greece, a mountainous country with a Mediterranean climate, could not feed all of its population; thus since antiquity, its major cities, imported the most of the wheat needed.

The lack of goods turned Greeks to explore foreign lands, led them to colonize the entire Mediterranean and the Black Sea and echo the Greek civilization to humanity.

With liberation at the beginning of the last century, Greece faced again the same problem and by 1930 imported almost 2/3 of the wheat which consumed from abroad. Fortunately, with the introduction and creation of more productive varieties, and the use of the latest techniques, coupled with appropriate agro-economic policy and development, the issue resolved and Greece is now producing more wheat than it needs for its market.


Dimitris Polemis is the man behind the creation of Market Echo. Dimitris is a committed and ambitious food scientist and marketing consultant combining Masters degrees in Food Science and Human Nutrition, and Marketing and International Management. Adept at implementing food safety and quality management systems and developing comprehensive, inbound & outbound, marketing strategies to ensure impact and visibility in the competitive market place. Successfully accredited by the American Marketing Association as a Professional Certified Marketer, holding excellent technical abilities as well as an expertise in market research and data analysis. A key player, with excellent communication skills, who always tries to form, strong working relationships and liaises fruitfully with clients and stakeholders.

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