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Market Echo (www.market-echo.com) was created to create, disseminate and implement Holistic Marketing in Food | Beverages Companies and Restaurants.

The website www.market-echo.com is committed to protecting your privacy. The information is collected legally according to European laws 2742/1997 and 3471/2006, while the content of the page is in the English language. Personal data will only be requested and collected if a user wishes to contact us through our special contact form, receive our news or download some electronic material. In addition, after he/she accepted these rules, he/ she accordingly accepts to receive newsletters, advertisements, views, articles or news from Market Echo. Each e-mail will have the “unsubscribe” referral if the recipient does not wish to receive emails from us anymore.

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Our goal is the fundamental development and improvement of our services. A fact that can help change the terms and the political use of our site. For this reason, it is a good idea for visitors to read the terms of use and policy at regular intervals as modifications and changes will occur without prior notice from users.

If you use this website you accept the terms and conditions of use of www.market-echo.com that are being advertised through it.

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